Invitation on "GOLDEN RAFT TEAM RACE 2011" event

Date of race:Saturday,10.09.2011, at 17:00

Goal of the race:

Aim of the race is not just race with the rafts but is also the opportunity for rafting guides and the owners of the rafting companies from all over Slovenia and other countries to meet, talk and share experiencies about the rafting business.

Description of the path of the race:

Race will start at Srpenica 2 and finish at Trnovo ob Soči (rapids of difficulty III-IV, 4km). After the team captain's meeting in Srpenica 1 the teams will have worm-up run to the starting point in Srpenica 2.

Rules and regulations of the race:

Each company can participate on the race with several teams of which every team can only have 6 guides.Every raft must be guided by paddle (without steering paddle), the size of raft it's limited from 4,40m to 4,90m and it must not be made for racing (fair play).

Every guide in the raft must have all the necessary equipment and the team must have in the raft an rescue rope, knife, first aid and a whistle.

Meeting point
for the teams is at Srpenica 1 (at the river) at 17:00. Team captain's meeting will be at 17:15.

Start for the teams is at 18:00 at Srpenica 2. Start is planned to be as a four-cross, 4 rafts starting together (starting interval 2 min.)In case of different weather conditions and depending on water-level the organizers will discuss about the different way of start.

The finish is on parking place KKSE in Trnovo ob Soči. The team finish the race crossing the finish line on parking place. Winner is the team with the best time. Teams are racing regarding a fair-play and must not be under forbidden substances.

Awards and prize giving ceremony:

After the race all competitors are invited for a drink and meal at Yurty bar. Awards and prize giving ceremony will be held at bar Pink Panter (Kaninska vas) with slide-projection and short video from the race.


Shuttles are organized by the companies on their own.


Safety is assured by the safety-kayakers on the difficulties sections of the course. Teams are attending the race on their own responsability.

Registry and starting-fee:Dead line for registry is 10.09.2011 on phone number +386 31 679 381 (Mitja-Mic).Starting-fee for the team paid by the company is 60,00 €, starting-fee for the athletes is 10,00 €/athlete.Starting-fee includes food, drink, organization and awards.

More information:+ 386 31 679 381 (Mitja-Mic)+ 386 40 438 333 (Dejan)