Kolovrat – a view over the front

Date: 2020-08-21

Event hour: 10:00

City: Tolmin

Join us on our guided tours along the Walk of Peace! Together we shall discover the secrets of WW1 history and the beauty of nature in the Soča Valley.

Kolovrat, Outdoor museum of the First World WarThe Kolovrat ridge rises above the Soča Valley and offers exceptional views over the emerald river, the Julian Alps, Venezia-Giulia, the Friuli lowland and the Adriatic Sea. Today, we can enjoy the peace of unspoiled nature here, while during World War I the Kolovrat had to witness the destructive Isonzo Front. In the outdoor museum we are going to explore the onetime Italian line of defence with the preserved command posts, shooting positions, a network of trenches and caves with the impressive spiral stairs in one of them. This formerly crucial line of division is nowadays a symbol of the unifying power of remembrance, since we shall walk on both territories, the Italian and the Slovenian, while discovering the history of WW1.

Each Friday at 10.00 in July and August.

Prior registration required by Friday 8:00.


15,00 €/person


Duration of the guided tour: 90 min.

Assembly point:

parking area on the Kolovrat, at the info point.


Ustanova »Fundacija Poti miru v Posočju«

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