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Mountain slopes that surround the valley offer some of the best views in the Julian Alps. Mountains and valleys are interlaced with countless marked trails of varying levels of difficulty and pass pristine forests, magnificent waterfalls and other natural beauties. Historical Walk of Peaceand international Alpe Adria Trail sections both pass here and once you hike them yourself you will quickly understand why hiking it is such an important part of local way of life.

Cycling routes for all levels lead through the most beautiful corners in the Julian Alps. Due to terrain's extreme diversity there are appropriate cycling routes for everyone. Numerous forest trails, roads and tracks offer unlimited possibilities for mountain bikers, whilst less demanding cyclists can take a ride on gentler valley roads and roads across higher-lying plateaus. Many trails are skipping Soča River across scenic suspension bridges.

With emerald color, lush green surroundings and glorious mountains above its path, Soča River isthe star of the sunny side of the Alps. Whether you choose to experience what it has to offer first hand by getting wet or if you are just a distant observer, the Emerald River will always make amazing backdrop for your active holidays.   

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