Canin cablecar in summertime


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Mt. Kanin, more specifically station D of the cable car, is an interesting starting point for numerous mountain tours. It attracts not only hikers and climbers, but also tourists who can effortlessly reach the Prestreljenik restaurant at 2202 m without putting pressure on their knees or using climbing gear. Marked trails lead from station D to the peaks of the Kanin range or via Prevala to Mt. Rombon – a tour that satisfies even the most demanding hikers.

Those who are not keen excursionists will find interesting the interpretive trail that is being prepared under the mentorship of Dr. Jurij Kunaver – a renowned Slovenian geologist. There, Kanin presents its realm of mountainous karst and reveals all of the typical karstic phenomena. Rock layers, break-offs and other formations read like a geological history going back some 220 million years.

What about those searching for adventure in adrenaline sports?
Mountain bikers can test their skills at the Kanin Mountain Bike Park. Mysterious shafts invite cavers who are fond of exploring the karstic underground world.


Pricelist and schedule:

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