2nd Snow sculptures festival


2nd Snow sculptures festival Bovec – Kanin, December 2011 Call For Entries & Entry Form

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Snow sculptures festival -“Fantasy Snow Garden” – will take place in the town of Bovec and also on the slope of Kanin ski resort, from 28th to 30th of December 2011. Hopefully the low winter temperatures and nice weather will contribute to give the sculptures a long life.

The rules are very simple and very attractive for the spectators: pressed (or artificial) snow from the surroundings will be put together in 3m x 3m x 3m cubes which will be located in the downtown of Bovec and on the Kanin.
„ Who know what can be born if Art and Spirits of the Nature will join together?“ “The Snow Cube Zone “ is the theme of this competition and each artists group is free to give his interpretation of the art and the snow.

Apart from the tools the sculptors can use only snow and water – which will be soon ice regarding the freezing winter temperatures. During the night the sculpture will be illuminated by some lights, but artist can also make use of candles.

Above 5 to 6 teams will be selected from the projects presented to the office not after December 11th, 2011. Teams will be selected by a qualified jury to participate in the competition in base of the best and most original sent projects. For more see the CALL FOR ENTRIES and the ENTRY form.

You are kindly invited to join us in this beautiful place. Please send us your admissions and design ideas for the competition.