Golden raft team race 010


Rafting competition called "Golden RAFT RACE TEAM 010", which will be held on Saturday 09/04/2010 starting at 17:00, the race of all rafting companies engaged in this activity in the Soca River valley and the other rafting companies in Slovenia , this year, predicting the participation of foreign companies.

For the contest, organized by the fourth year in a row, the more interest each year and this year there are already seventeen teams.
The aim is not only a sporting event only compete, but the emphasis is on having fun all the guides and businesses at the end of the season.

17-00 assembly of team on srpenica 1
18-00 start of the competition
20.00 end of the competition
22-00 Pink Panter
23-00 Award winners+party

Depending on water levels and the number of teams,the organizers can decide the start
-all the team start at once
-4cros on time
-one by one on time


more info: 00386(0)31-679-381 Mic