Red Bull Full Gas

Date: 2019-03-23

Event hour: 12:00

City: Bovec

Location: Kanin - Sella Nevea ski resort


roars Filip Flisar at the top of Kanin Mountain.

“Nobody!”, replies the crowd. “And if he decides to chase you?!”, the moustache asks. “Samo Gaaaas!!!” Think you can outrun Filip Flisar down a ski slope? See you at the start line on March 23rd. Applications are now officially Open!

What exactly is Red Bull Samo Gas?

Red Bull Samo Gas is a group start format competition in a single combined category (Ski & Snowboard, men & women). The race starts with the blast from the starting gun, followed by a sprint from the start gate to the Ski pick-up zone where competitors put on their Skis.

Filip Flisar will start the chase 100 metres behind them. Last one caught or first one over the finish line will be crowned the Red Bull Samo Gas Champion.

To picture it better, take a look at the last year’s video above!

Who can Participate on Red Bull Samo Gas?

Red Bull Samo Gas is an open competition welcoming all Skiers and Snowboarders older than 18 years (born before March 23th 2001).

What is in it for me?

Lifelong respect from everybody you know. Winner can also expect eternal glory in the Red Bull Samo Gas Hall of Fame. All participants are entitled to a daily pass for the Kanin Sella Nevea Ski Resort and a rider’s Goodie pack.