Ski touring workshop in Bovec

Date: 2019-02-24

Event hour: 08:00

City: Bovec

The city of Bovec – surrounded by multiple mountains and diverse terrains offers unlimited adventures on the snow for both beginners and experts alike – the ideal destination for a ski touring workshop!

While having fun on the snowy slopes we will learn the correct ascending techniques including the use and set up of equipment used for ascending. We will learn how to select a safe route both for ascent and descent.
While descending we will focus on the technique of off-piste skiing, while having fun, and the beautiful views are sure to impress everyone.

We will choose the destination depending on the conditions and the knowledge of the group. In case of different levels of pre-knowledge of the applicants, the workshop will be carried out in two smaller groups.

Price: 90 EUR/person (minimum 2 persons)
(Also available as part of the seasonal package)


Alpska šola Bovec

Mala vas 111, 5230 Bovec

T: +386 (0) 31 614 265