Workshop: Family and children

Date: 2018-06-05

Event hour: 18:00

City: Tolmin

Posoško razvojni center, Trg Tigrovcev 1, Tolmin

The workshop is designed to help parents and teachers understand and correct situations in which the child's behavior is inadequate. It helps adults deepen the connection with children and promotes self-confidence, responsibility, resilience and self-esteem and brings new "communication" tools for immediate use.
The importance of involvement of parents in learning, which is not formally linked to school, is emphasized.
She will mainly talk about this:
How to observe and redirect the child (changing unwanted behavior, failure, warfare, - hyperactivity, addiction, fear or retreat, anger ...)
Effects of family structure on results (family resources available to the child)
- parental intervention at school
- Parents' choice and inequality
- stress index

Performer: Ksenja Lorber is a trainer / coach of mediators and conflict management, an active mediator and a lecturer. For twelve years, he has been implementing programs on conflict management, stress, anger, communication and mediation, antimobing programs and psychosocial health programs. The mediation and skills of conflict management are successfully used in working with adolescents, families, the economy, URSIKS and the local environment.

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