Dolina Soče

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Rupa 17
5230 Bovec

T: +386 (0)5 30 29 647

Soča Valley Tourist Board is a non-profit public organisation providing marketing services, product development support, tourist information services and information for media and trade.

The tourist board also offers professional support to the local members (service providers) and assistance to partners and operators specialized in any kind of Alpine tourism – especially outdoor activities but also events, conferences and incentives.



Kolovrat viewpoint - 360°

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    By bus around the Julian Alps

    Bled | Bohinj | Brda | Dolina Soče | Gorje | Kranjska Gora | Jesenice | Radovljica | Žirovnica


    LOM IS MY HOME − Circular Hiking Trail

    Above the confluence of the Soča and Idrijca rivers, the Banjšice Plateau rises to the south. At its most northwestern part you can find a dry valley whose slopes are populated with small and large groups of houses that form the villages of KANALSKI and TOLMINSKI LOM, while across the ridge, above the dry Čepovan valley, you can find a small village of GRUDNICA. This is the area of Lom.


    VIRJE - Springs and Waterfalls of Mt Kanin: Virje, Glijun, Boka