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The Nadiža river

Its turqoise waters, torrential during the frequent storms, originate under the massive Stol range.

The torrential character of the river which springs in the Breginj corner, under the long ridge of the mountain Stol, creates numerous gravel areas, pools and river beds which are ideal for swimming, fishing and lying around in the summer. In the summer, the temperature of the Nadiža river can be over 20°C.

The Nadiža river, which, according to the folk tradition, is believed to have healing powers, is home to numerous endemic species of freshwater fish from the Adriatic river basin, trouts, rainbow trouts and graylings. In some places, the embankments and the gravel areas are hugged by willow trees, which give the river a particuarly magical appearance.

The area where Nadiža carved the deep river beds is adorned with the famous Napoleon bridge, which was used by Napoleon’s army in the 18th century to advance to Carinthia from the Veneto region. The bridge that stands here today was built after the first world war, on the remains of the original bridge.

The Nadiža River – PARKING

There is a special parking regime next to the Nadiža river, which was introduced with the purpose of preserving the symbiosis between nature and numerous visitors in summer. In the summer, compensation for the arrangement of the parking lots must be paid in order to be able to use the parking spots.

The parking regime next to the Nadiža river:

  • parking area near Robič (Bife Z’Der),
  • parking area near Podbela (behind the bridge), - free
  • parking area near the Napoleon bridge,
  • parking area near the Logje bridge.

The parking regime near the Nadiža river is being carried out from 15 June to 31 August, every day from 9 A.M. to 7 P.M.

The pricelist, the compensation for parking next to the Nadiža River

The compensation for parking next to the Nadiža River. Price:

1 hour

1,50 EUR

an all-day card

10 EUR

the weekly pass

(only for guests who stay in the municipality of Kobarid for at least one night and submit the “Certificate of a tourist service provider for the purchase of the weekly pass”, issued by the accommodation service provider.)

16 EUR
annual pass 48 EUR

Annual and week passes are recorded by the registration number of the vehicle; therefore one should submit both their personal ID and their vehicle registration certificate at the time of purchase. Annual and weekly passes are sold in the TIC Kobarid, whereas the all-day or hourly compensation is meant to be paid at the marked parking lots and parking meters.

To Nadiža with Hop On Hop Off Bus

Every summer, the “Hop-On Hop-Off KOBARID” bus drives around the Kobarid region and connects the centre of Kobarid with rural areas, remote tourist destinations, bathing areas of the Nadiža river and starting points for hiking and cycling trips.

The bus will in 2020 drive every day between 18 July and 23 August 2020.

The price of a daily ticket is 2.00 EUR, whereas children under 10 can ride the bus for free. The bus also provides bicycle transportation, for 2.00 EUR per bike.

We recommend using the Hop-On Hop-Off KOBARID bus to access the river. Hop on Hop off Kobarid

Departures from the centre of Kobarid to the Nadiža river are at: 10:55 AM, 12:40 PM and 4:35 PM.

Returns from the Robič bathing area to Kobarid are at: 12:25 PM, 13:05 PM and 6:31 PM.

Returns from the Napolon bridge bathing area to Kobarid are at: 11:31 AM and 6:09 PM.

Returns from the Logje bathing area to Kobarid are at: 11:48 AM and 5:30 PM.

Timetable of the Hop On Hop Off bus 2020 >

Take an Active Stroll before Swimming in Nadiža

If you would like to take a stroll before soaking yourself in the refreshing water or if you prefer to go hiking, you will surely not be bored in the valley of the Nadiža River and its surroundings. Head to the nearby Stol, which is a true paradise for paragliding in the summer, take a cycling trip or explore the remote villages.    

Respect Nature and Stay Tolerant

  • Clean all your litter;
  • Do not interfere with plants;
  • Park in arranged parking lots;
  • It is forbidden to wash cars and bathe dogs;
  • It is forbidden to start a fire in the open and camp outside the arranged camping grounds;
  • Be tolerant towards all users of the river.

The Nadiža River – INFORMATION

Soča Valley Tourist Board - TIC Kobarid

Trg svobode 16
SI-5222 Kobarid
T: +386 (0)5 380 04 90



    Breginjski kot and the Nadiža river

    In westernmost Slovenia lies the valley of Breginjski Kot.