Dolina Soče

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The Lepenjica stream

This paradise for fly fishing enthusiasts is particularly picturesque in the section known as the Šunik water grove, where the water has carved out a gorge some 100 m in length and up to 10 m in depth.

The source of the Lepenjica stream (also known as the Lepenjca) is situated at the end of the Lepena valley. After the first high waterfall, there are several smaller waterfalls. This picturesque corner in the pristine nature of the Triglav National Park is a popular tourist destination for people looking to relax in natural surroundings.

Fishing on the Lepenjica

Fly fishing is the fishing method permitted in Lepena. Hiding under overhangs in pools on the Lepenjica are the marble trout, grayling, brown trout and rainbow trout.
The river is a part of the Catch and Release fishing area. The fishing season is open from April to October.

Coming out of the gorge, the Lepenjica has some minor rapids and then flows into the Soča close to the end of the Velika korita gorge on the Soča. Recreational boating and canyoning are prohibited.

Access to the Lepenjica stream

On the Bovec-Trenta road, take the right turning for Lepena. Continue straight on for 2.8 km, park at the sign for the Šunik water grove and follow the signposts along the marked footpath all the way to the Lepenjica and Šunik water grove.