Dolina Soče

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The Šunik stream in Bavšica

Flowing among rocks covered in thick moss, the Šunik stream runs from the Bavšica valley towards the Koritnica river.

The Šunik (also known as the Šumnik) is at its most beautiful in the late spring as the snow on the summit of Loška stena is melting. In periods of drought, the upper course is completely dry.

Water sports are prohibited.

Access to the Šunik stream in Bavšica

Some 4 km out of Bovec on the Bovec–Log pod Mangartom road, take a right at the Kluže fort or park your car and continue on foot towards Bavšica in the Triglav National Park. In a few hundred metres, a cart track branches off to the right. Follow the cart track all the way to the Šunik stream.