Dolina Soče

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The Učja river

The protected area of Učja, which belongs to the Natura 2000 area, is home to numerous endangered animal species and natural phenomena.

The valley, which was only discovered a few years ago, has emerged as a consequence of glacial activity, snow and karstic characteristics. The Učja River, which flows from the Italian side, runs through a barely accessible gorge with numerous pools and flows into the Soča River by the village of Žaga.

The most beautiful way to admire the Učja Valley is to ride the wire ropes, which were used by the locals in the past for the transportation of hay from the distant pastures and mountains. Zipline in the Učja Valley, the descent on a steel cable with an incredible birds-eye-view above the Učja River, takes place only when organised by sports agencies.

The Učja River is not suitable for navigation

The Učja River is not suitable for navigation or for water sports activities. An exception to that are very experienced and daring kayakers, who have good knowledge of the traps and conditions on the river.

The Učja River – ACCESS

The lower river beds of the Učja River are visible from the bridge on the Bovec–Žaga road.