Dolina Soče

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The Kanin mountains

The Kanin mountains are a great location for discovering mountainous karst features and an excellent starting point for hikes to the surrounding mountain peaks.

The Kanin circular cableway >

Things to do on Kanin in the summer:

  • enjoy outstanding panoramas overlooking the Alps and the Adriatic Sea - the Golf of Triest,
  • visit Prestreljeniško okno and the natural bridge on Kanin,
  • discover the diverse mountainous karst features and visit the Peter Skalar Lodge (2.206 m),
  • go on a mountain hike (difficult) with a mountain guide to Visoki Kanin (2.587 m),
  • mountain trips to Prestreljenik (2,499 m), Laška planja (2,448 m), Rombon (2,208 m),
  • climbing routes: Kanin mountains (information in Slovene language)
  • walk the educational natural-historical trail from Prestreljeniški podi to Kanin,
  • caving: Skalarjevo brezno, Čehi 2, Černelsko brezno (very difficult, suitable only for experienced cavers familiar with the local features).

Hiking, Laška planja

Mountainous karst features on Kanin:

  • 220 million years of geological history,
  • limestone pavements, grooves, pits, clints and caves,
  • some of the deepest caves in the world,
  • screes, natural window, natural bridge.

The Kanin-Sella Nevea ski resort, open in the winter, offers magnificent views of the Trieste Bay.