Dolina Soče

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Mountain pass Vršič (1611 m)

Slovenia's highest mountain pass with a road that links the Bovec area and Kranjska Gora makes for an excellent starting point for mountain hikes.

The road to Vršič links a number of natural treasures in the Triglav National Park:

    Juliana Alpine botanical garden,
    the Mlinarica gorge,
    the source of the Soča,
    the monument to Dr. Julius Kugy,
    a panoramic beauty spot.

Cycling to Vršič
The road across the Vršič mountain pass is particularly popular with road cyclists.
In the past, they would often compete in a race known as the Kugy Climb to Vršič. The road has a total of 50 bends (26 on the south and 24 on the north side of the pass).

Vršič is an important starting point for mountain hikes
In the Bovec area, you can hire a mountain guide and arrange a guided tour:

  •     Mala Mojstrovka (2332 m),
  •     Velika Mojstrovka (2366 m),
  •     Planja (2453 m),
  •     Prisojnik (2547 m),
  •     Razor (2601 m),
  •     other summits.

Mountain cabins in the vicinity of the Vršič pass:

  •     the Tičarjev dom lodge (1620 m),
  •     the Poštarska koča cabin (1725 m).

Most of the road across the Vršič mountain pass was built in World War One by Russian prisoners of war. The Russian chapel on the north side of the pass was built in their memory.

The road is closed in the winter due to snow and avalanches.