Dolina Soče

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The Stone Mushroom

An incredible geomorphological phenomenon under the Krn village is one of the most beautiful geomorphologic phenomena of its kind in Slovenia.

On its highest side, the stone mushroom is 9 metres high. It is covered by a 6 metre wide "cap" of massive limestone, which protects the stony stem of crumbly breccia, when erosion carries away the material around the rock.


In the vicinity, you can visit the Gregorčič Waterfall (88 m) or head to the Kuhinja mountain pasture, which is an excellent starting point for a hike to Krn.


Stone Mushroom, a Divine Home under the Mighty Krn

Oral tradition preserves a story about the water deity Vodešc, who selected the stone mushroom under Krn for his home. Vodešc was supposedly the protector of all those who were born under a new moon. If they needed help from the deity, they had to go to the rock at dawn and throw three stones at it while saying what they wished for.

Source: Mojca Rutar, Daniel Rojšek and Pavel Medvešček