Dolina Soče

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Kloma stream and waterfalls

Falling over the steep slopes in Zadnjica, there are several waterfalls around 10 m high as well as Slovenia's highest waterfall, Kloma (128 m).

In the Zadnjica valley, the Kloma stream runs in wild waterfalls down the northwest face of Veliki Vršovec (1856 m) towards the Krajcarica. The water disappears underground before reaching the confluence.

The waterfalls on the Kloma are clearly visible even from a distance, from Trenta or Mali Vršič. The waterfalls can be accessed with considerable difficulty, while some are completely inaccessible.

Water sports are prohibited.

Access to the Kloma stream

On the Bovec-Vršič road, take the right turning for Zadnjica and immediately turn right to cross the Krajcarica stream. When you reach a farm, turn left and carry on until the end of the gorge.