Dolina Soče

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The Kaludrica stream and waterfalls

The Kaludrica has its source under the north slope of Loška stena and flows into the Koritnica. There are three waterfalls on the stream, of which the most easily accessible is Kaluder, a broad waterfall 15 m in height.

It is less easy to reach a 5 m waterfall some 20 m up and an 8 m waterfall with a beautiful green pool.

Certain sections of the Kaludrica, particularly in the upper course, are only suitable for experienced visitors. Due to the risk of avalanches, the stream is not suitable for visits in the winter and early spring. The best time to visit is late spring as the snow is melting in the mountains. In the summer, the stream is often almost completely dry.

Hiring a guide is recommended if you want to reach the more difficult sections.

The water in the stream is drinkable.