Dolina Soče

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The Predelica stream and waterfalls

This long stream with a famous, almost inaccessible gorge in the Triglav National Park springs from several sources at the Predel mountain pass and flows into the Koritnica in Log pod Mangartom.

Its many waterfalls run into green and emerald pools.

With the permission of the Triglav National Park, several sports companies offer guided canyoning on the Predelica.

The highest of the lively waterfalls in the upper course is the 50 m Predelski slap waterfall. The middle course is known for Zaročenca, a 30 m waterfall that has created a dark green pool. The Poševni slap waterfall is about 20 m high.

In 2000, a major landslide struck from the slopes of Mangart, altering the middle and lower sections of the gorge.

The approach is very difficult, so hiring a guide is recommended.