Dolina Soče

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The Fratarica stream and waterfalls

Starting in the Loška stena snowfield, there are over 22 waterfalls in the course of the stream running towards Log pod Mangartom. The most famous is the 48 m Parabola waterfall in the lower section of the stream. With the permission of the Triglav National Park, several sports companies offer canyoning on the Fratarica.

In the upper course of the Fratarica especially, the waterfalls are not easily accessible so it is recommended that you visit with a guide.

Major waterfalls on the Fratarica

  • Dvojna latvica (two smaller waterfalls 5 m in height with two emerald green pools);
  • Škropilnik (not easily spotted, this waterfall is located on the lower course of the stream);
  • Ihta (a loud waterfall 5 m in height in the lower course of the stream);
  • Katedrala and Katedrala z gotskim oknom ("Cathedral waterfall and Cathedral with a gothic window" – a majestic, naturally carved hall with a window offering views of Loška stena and a 20 m waterfall below);
  • Parabola (a narrow waterfall 48 m in height with a golden yellow pool);
  • Dvojni ribežen (15 m waterfall);
  • S kadico (7 m waterfall that flows into a rocky square-shaped pool);
  • gable under Krniška stena (a natural amphitheatre that boasts a 200 m waterfall, but only in heavy rain);
  • Zelena kača (50 m waterfall surrounded with moss);
  • Zavaljenec (12 m waterfall);
  • Črna kača (this 30 m waterfall runs down a mossy gully);
  • Kralj Matjaž waterfall;
  • Zalet (7 m waterfall);
  • Veliki Drsnik, 112 m waterfall, the second highest waterfall in the Triglav National Park and the third highest waterfall in Slovenia.

Access to the Fratarica stream and waterfalls

In Log pod Mangartom, a trail leads between the fire station and Mangart Tavern, crossing the Koritnica river and veering left towards the Fratarica.