Dolina Soče

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The Glijun stream

Waters from the Kanin and Rombon mountains accumulate to form the source of the Glijun (435 m). The stream bustles playfully among the mossy rocks, flowing towards the Virje waterfall and the Plužna artificial lake.

Access to the Glijun stream

From Bovec, head towards Kaninska vas until you reach Plužna (some 3 km). Park your car and continue on foot along the road on the right. In about 400 m, a trail branches off to the left in the direction of the Virje waterfall. Carry on straight ahead across the bridge, then turn right and follow the trail to the source of the Glijun.

The source of the Glijun

This is one of the largest and most constant karst sources in the Soča valley. Springing from among the rocks in the bed of the Glijun, the water has an average temperature of 5.5 °C. The source is a popular destination for photographers and hikers.

A little farther downstream is another popular tourist sight, the Virje waterfall.

The stream is not suitable for water sports.