Dolina Soče

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The Koritnica Gorge

At the Kluže fort in the Triglav National Park, the kilometre-long Koritnica canyon narrows into a gorge that is just a few metres wide, 70 m deep and some 200 m long.

The most interesting section of the Koritnica is at the Kluže gorge; over a stretch of 200 m, the river has carved out a narrow gorge that reaches depths of 70 m (Korita Kluže, also known as the Koritnica gorge), which is protected as a Slovenian natural treasure. Korita Kluže is an important strategic point that was used from the 15th century onwards as an observation post for arrivals in the Bovec basin.

Access to Korita Kluže

On the Bovec-Predel road, park at the Kluže fort, some 4 km out of Bovec. Korita Kluže can be seen from the bridge at the fort. The end of the gorge can also be seen from the hanging bridge on the Koritnica at the Kluže entry point.

Boating on the Koritnica

Korita Kluže is not suitable for water sports. A kayaking entry point is situated at the end of the gorge.


Recreational boating on the Koritnica and the use of the entry and exit points is governed by a Decree. Boating is permitted every day from 15 March to 30 October from 9:00 to 18:00 downstream from the Kluže entry point. Permits must be purchased for the use of the entry and exit points.  The river difficulty level is III/IV.

Fishing on the Koritnica

The Koritnica is suitable for fly fishing from the bridge to the confluence with the Soča. The river is a part of a Catch and Release fishing area. Its blue-green pools are home to the indigenous marble trout and grayling.

Access to the Koritnica

The river can be accessed from several locations in Log pod Mangartom. At the Kluže fort, 4 km out of Bovec, the deep river gorge can be admired from the bridge. The river can also be accessed at the Kluže entry point.