Dolina Soče

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The Nemčlja gorge

The Nemčlja stream has carved pools, waterfalls and erosion holes. Its highest waterfall, Veliki slap Nemčlje (18 m), has created a natural bridge that is one of the most important natural sights in the Triglav National Park.

The Nemčlja stream (also known as the Možnica) runs for some 2 km through the Možnica valley overlooked by Rombon (2208 m) and Jerebica (2126 m), finally flowing into the Koritnica river. In the lower part of the gorge, some 200 m before the confluence with the Koritnica, the gorge is as deep as 28 m.

The Nemčlja gorge is not suitable for water sports.

Access to the Nemčlja gorge

Some 9 km out of Bovec on the Bovec-Log pod Mangartom road, there is a left turning for Možnica. From there, take the footpath to the gorge and the Veliki slap Nemčlje waterfall.