Korita on the Soča at Kršovec

Kršovec gorge, Soča river, Bovec

Near the Golobar stream, where the Bovec basin crosses into the Triglav National Park, the Soča has carved a gorge 150 m long and just a few metres wide named Korita on the Soča at Kršovec (also known as Zmuklica).

Semicircular remains of potholes accompany the Soča on its way to the emerald pool, which also serves as an entry and exit point for recreational boating. The gorge is a dangerous section where only kayaking is permitted.

Access to Korita on the Soča at Kršovec

Some 500 m from Kal-Koritnica on the regional Bovec-Vršič road, park your car at the Kršovec entry and exit point, at the station of the erstwhile Golobar ropeway. From there, a marked trail leads to the end of the gorge.