Dolina Soče

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Korita Soče pri Kršovcu

Near the Golobar stream, where the Bovec Basin passes into the Triglav National Park, the Soča River carved 150-metre-long gorges that are only a few metres wide near Kršovec.

The steep stony walls and the cauldron-like emerald green pools, through which the alpine beauty of the Soča jumps lively, are clearly visible from the wooden hanging bridge, where the Soča Trail and the Alpe Adria Trail lead. On the other bank, the final parts of the korita Soče pri Kršovcu are visible, where they create a white gravel deposit, which is right on cue for sitting lazily by the river. In addition, this is an entry-exit point for navigation with sport vessels (navigation in the gorges is allowed only for kayaks, because it is a dangerous section).

Lovers of the Soča should see the mysterious Brjeka corner several hundred metres down the stream. If you like history, do not miss the ground station of the cableway to the Golobar mountain pasture or embark on the Walk of Peace to the nearby outdoor museums.

Korita Soče pri Kršovcu - ACCESS

On the Bovec-Vršič regional road, about half kilometre behind the Kal - Koritnica settlement, there are two parking areas, i.e. by the Zmuklica entry-exit point and by the station of the former cargo cableway to Golobar, from where a marked trail leads to the exit of the gorges. The Korita Soče pri Kršovcu are best seen from the Soča Trail on the other side of the river.