The Triglav National Park

The only national park in Slovenia and a veritable paradise for fans of pristine nature. The Triglav National Park boasts a number of natural sights, including Slovenia's highest mountain Triglav (2864 m).


Gorges and waterfalls


Healing wells


Other natural attractions

The immense beauty of nature awaits the traveller in the Soča Valley at nearly every step. You will fall in love with the emerald green Soča, the untouched Triglav National Park and the mighty Julian Alps.

The Soča Valley is a destination where nature overflows in all its beauty. See the numerous natural sights, the lively and clean rivers, the artificial and natural lakes, the magical waterfalls, the picturesque gorges and mysterious caves. Feel the power of nature and take care of your well-being by one of the healing water sources.

The vast areas of protected nature, the Triglav National Park, Natura 2000 and the Julian Alps Biosphere Reserve tell stories about unique nature, where the most beautiful Slovenian natural pearls stand proudly: the emerald green Soča River, the Tolmin Gorges, the charming Kozjek Waterfall and the impressive Boka.