Dolina Soče

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Robidišče - a smoke kitchen

This type of smoke kitchen is today a rarity in Slovenia.

The westernmost Slovenian village Robidišče lies surrounded by pastures on a remote little plateau 650 metres above sea level. The transition between the Mediterranean and the Subalpine cultural areas is most evident from the appearance of the villages, with their Venetian-Slovenian architectural style.

Homestead number 14:
More than 300 years old, Vančeva Hiša (Vanč’s house) has an almost perfectly preserved interior, a characteristic floor plan and a low hearth kitchen.

This type of smoke kitchen, with a low, freestanding Mediterranean-style hearth and the associated equipment, is today a rarity in Slovenia, although it was once quite common in western and southwestern Slovenia, Istria and Bela Krajina (White Carniola).

Vanč’s house can now only be seen from the outside.


A smoke kitchen
Robidišče 14, SI - 5223 Breginj

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