Dolina Soče

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Fortification and monument on Predel

Surrounded by the pristine nature of the Triglav National Park, the Predel fortification was a part of the Carinthian fortification system.

The first fortification was built during the Napoleonic wars. It was burnt down twice during the war. A new fortification, built in 1848, was later converted into a military depot.

The fortification also comprises a monument to Captain Johann von Hermannsdorf and his heroic soldiers who bravely defended the fortification against Napoleon's army in 1809. The famous cast iron wounded lion with a stone support was commissioned by Emperor Ferdinand I.

The remains of the fortification can be seen on both sides of the road. A French tomb is situated below the road.

Access to the fortification and monument on Predel

On the Bovec-Predel road, 1 km before the Predel mountain pass (1611 m).