Cheesemaking Tradition

The Soča Valley is the home of a thousand-year-old tradition of cheesemaking and mountain pastures. Taste the incredibly valued Bovec cheese, the protected Tolminc cheese and get to know life in the remote alpine corners.

The first written references to the mountain pastures in the Soča Valley are from the 12th and the 13th centuries.

The precious old stories, which describe the pastures, the cheesemaking tradition and dairy farming, are now more alive and accessible than ever. Come and wander across the sheep and cow mountain pastures of the Soča Valley, visit the Planika cheesemaking museum, the Bogata ecological estate and treat yourself to a tasting of the famous Bovec or Tolminc cheese.

Cheese and dairy products can be bought in agricultural cooperatives, from the cheesemakers or on some mountain pastures.