Dolina Soče

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German Charnel House

The largest cemetery of German soldiers who fell in the famous Miracle of Kobarid battle.

The last battle of the Isonzo Front, the so-called 12th Offensive or the Battle of Caporetto, was fatal also for many German soldiers, who helped the Austro-Hungarian army with a few divisions in 1917. Between the years 1936–1938 Germany built an important cultural-historical memorial for them, the German charnel house (170 m), the mass grave of which serves as an eternal resting place for 965 German soldiers.

The interior of the chapel is divided into two parts: in the first section the names of the fallen are inscribed on oak panels and in the second section, separated by a wrought iron screen, the names of the fallen are inscribed using mosaics in three lunettes.

German Charnel House – ACCESS

The German charnel house lies on the left bank of the River Soča, in the immediate vicinity of the town of Tolmin. The road to the ossuary will take you from Tolmin and approximately 1 kilometre past the school centre.


A tour of the interior of the German Ossuary is available when accompanied by the personnel of the Tolmin Museum. More information >

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