Dolina Soče

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Military cemetery in Log pod Mangartom

This Austro-Hungarian cemetery is one of the best preserved World War One cemeteries in Slovenia.

There are over 800 soldiers of various nationalities buried here, mostly members of the 4th Bosnian-Herzegovinian Infantry Regiment (BHIR 4).

The view over the final resting place of the fallen soldiers is characterised by iron crosses with the names of the soldiers and a memorial to the fallen soldiers, which represents two soldiers looking at the top of Rombon, where most of the buried fell in fierce fights. During the war, the graves of Muslim soldiers were marked with niches, which were typical Muslim tombstones. In Log pod Mangartom the first Slovenian mosque was built.

Log pod Mangartom Military Cemetery – ACCESS

The cemetery lies in Log pod Mangartom village, near the Štoln mine entrance.