Dolina Soče

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Military cemetery in Trenta

Over 200 Austro-Hungarian soldiers, who died during World War I in the military hospital in Trenta, are buried in mass graves.

In addition to soldiers, Russian prisoners of war, who built the road over the Vršič Pass, are also buried here. Mass graves in the Trenta Military Cemetery are marked with iron crosses.

Russian prisoners building the road across Vršič (1611 m)

The road across Slovenia's highest mountain pass was worked on by 12,000 Russian prisoners of war. Austro-Hungarian units needed the road so they could bring in supplies and treat the wounded on the Isonzo Front. The inhumane conditions, cold, lack of food and clothing, and an avalanche that struck from the slopes of Mojstrovka led to the death of the majority of the prisoners. 

Their suffering has been commemorated with the Russian chapel, built on the north side of the mountain pass.

Military cemetery in Trenta - ACCESS

On the main Trenta–Vršič road, some 2.5 km out of Trenta, south of the settlement of Pri Cerkvi.